WHMCS Installation

$10/One Time
Full deployment of WHMCS

We will do a full deployment of WHMCS from scratch. This is conducted in a clean and professional manner to keep away from running into trouble by attempting to set up everything yourself. As with all of our offerings you just have to relax well knowing your task is in safe hands and will be completed as expected.

WHMCS Configuration

$60/one time
WHMCS full configuration

Your WHMCS must be configured correctly before you can begin selling or promoting your website hosting services. Whether you are a web host reseller or running a VPS/devoted server in your business, we can have your WHMCS fully configured and ready for business in a matter of hours.

WHMCS Integration

$15/One Time
integrating with your website

We also integrate WHMCS with your website (HTML, WordPress, Joomla or pretty much any website) to maintain an identical appearance of the website and WHMCS.

WHMCS Hosting Plan Setup

$25/One Time
Setup of Hosting Services plan

Sit back and relax while we set up and automate your web hosting plans in WHM & WHMCS. Once completed your clients will be able to make orders and automated account setup generated in WHM & WHMCS as soon as your consumer's payment has been made.

WHMCS Security

$20/One Time
Enhance the safety of your WHMCS

There are many ways to enhance the safety of your WHMCS. We engage multiple layers of protection to prevent any hack or fraudulent transaction from taking place using a mixture of report re-structure, checking for vulnerabilities, and assessing the level of threats to your web website hosting account.

WHMCS Migrate Installation

$30/One Time
WHMCS migration/transfer

We also do WHMCS migration/transfer. Whether it's directory to directory (e.g. sub-directory to root & vice versa)or domain to domain transfer (changing to a new host or domain).

WHMCS Upgrade

$10/One Time
Upgrading your WHMCS

We upgrade your WHMCS to the latest release plus ensuring that previous settings or customizations made to the language documents and custom templates are preserved. Otherwise, it would present a total nightmare and disaster if no precaution is taken during the upgrade.

WHMCS Domain Registrar Setup

$30/One Time
Full Domain Registrar Setu

This module permits you to resell domains at a markup to anyone on the internet through your domain registrar reseller account. Your clients can make an order, renew, and transfer to your company without ever seeing your registrar branding. Become your very own registrar today!

WHMCS Automation

$20/One Time
Billing Automation

When all is said and done, the system should be able to auto generate and serve invoices, payment reminders, welcome notices, account information, login details for new subscribers, etc.


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