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Secure Your Computer

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How 2 Secure Your Computer from Viruses, hackers and Malwares

In Today’s Business Environment, Safeguarding Computer Is a Necessity. Advancement in computer technology brings both favorable and devastating consequences. On the positive side, advancement in technology eases access to banking services, school records, shopping centers, news, entertainment, and more.

On the negative hand, it grants access to the same information to the people who are not met to obtain it. This may be uncommon occurrences, however, in the recent decades, computer hacking has been seen as one of the largest criminal inconveniences in the history of computer.

In current times, do not take hackers as these innocent teens because the current generation of computer experts are trained individuals who want to survive from stealing the identity of law abiding innocent individuals, then sell the identity to people who are willing to fall in the system.

Secure Your Computer

The question is, how do you secure your computer from bad actors, how do we stop them? And how do we protect ourselves using preventive measures? There is a possibility of stopping these thuggish individuals and lessen the occurrence of identity theft by molding your computer to be hacker-proof. So, you make ask yourself, what do I need to do to secure my computer? Well, read on:

1. Install anti-spyware program (anti-virus).

The malware software enables your computer to stop malevolent code from being downloaded to your computer and later-on installed onto your machine while you flip through web pages. The malevolent code destroys your significant files, however, with the installation of anti-spyware to your computer furnishes it good by sending sensitive info back to the identity thief server. Saving the day!

2. Avoid storage of sensitive data on the computer.

When the computer is attacked by an external force such as a virus, spyware, worm, and others –the vital and more sensitive info stored may be lost or corrupted. These thuggish individuals are always searching for info such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, full-names, and others.

However, if you did not save these kind of info on your computer, the hackers find nothing. Therefore, be vigilant with your information to avoid disappointments with your computer.

3. Scanning files with anti-virus before opening them.

In the past decades, before opening a file, a warning could pop-up, then you would choose either to open or not and it was intended to avoid opening unknown contents. The advancement in computer technology has made no file safe.

I argue that you never open files before scanning them using a trusted anti-virus to minimize the spread of virus to your computer. Regardless the source of the files, endeavor to scan them, in this way you protecting yourself from being attacked in so many ways. There are thousands of antivirus and Antispyware companies out there my personal favorite being ESET Nod32 Internet security. I will probably produce a separate article on the top 5 antivirus based on personal experiences over the last 20 years.

4. Install Firewall.

A firewall is a software which checks data coming and leaving a computer, it blocks data that don’t meet the security requirements. Thus, one way to secure your computer is through prevention of theft from happening.

5. Avoid clicking spam messages’ links.

Today, many spammers send messages (emails) which asks to click on its link. They do this because, they want to obtain your personal information. They send messages that seem familiar to you, such as from famous online sites – sometimes scaring closure of their accounts.

They send emails in a bid to obtain credit information and this sometimes installs software that is harmful to your computer.
Having knowledge about computer protection is the best way to avoid computer crimes.

The suggestions provided above should help you take appropriate measures to secure your computers against both internal and external threats . When you that ,  you are protecting your personal information and protect others from being attacked by malicious activities.

So that’s it, folks, I hope you found the article helpful, please check our knowledgebase for more articles on How to tighten security of your systems.

Thanks and stay blessed!!!!