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Important search engine optimization ranking factors 4 Blogs

Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors

When you’re targeting a big audience with your blog, you should endeavor optimizing your search engine. It is a priority to reach a wider audience as it generates a high volume of web traffic to your blog. You need a high traffic on your blog to obtain revenue, though bloggers whose blogs are created for a cause also desire an increased traffic which is intended to enable messages extend to a wider audience.

There is no easier ways about this, regardless of your purpose for the high volume traffic to your blog, you should be willing and ready to optimize your blog article for search engines like google to be able to find them . I will explain shortly why the search engine ranking factors are super important and ways to optimize your blog.

Why are the search engine optimization ranking factors so important?

When you have search engine optimization ranking for your blog you are assured of a high internet traffic for your blog. When a blog has a high internet traffic it appears on the first page of the search results and available research data suggests that pages or topics that appears on the first page of search engine results page get more clicks.

For this case, you need to optimize your blog posts to stand a chance of ranking top of the SERP and hence being rewarded with increased traffic for your blog.

Also, when you want to advertise for your blog, being on top and staying on top is everything. search engine optimization ranking  is the only tested and proven self-sustaining option because internet users are mostly interested in popular sites as they assist them in discovering vital facts on the internet.

search engine optimization ranking factors

Search engines evaluate websites using complex algorithms to rank them to meet specific search terms. If you want to be among the best available blogs relevant to particular keywords, you need to insert a lot of importance on your search engine ranking to have any luck.

How to optimize a blog OR website for search engine.

Relevant keywords.

This a common methodology used in the search engine optimization ranking of any blog for search. Adding targeted keywords into the article. You can optimize your search engine using META tags and title tags.

Keyword density

Keyword density is the number of occurrences a target keyword is used in a given content or article on a website. The concept here is that website which utilizes a particular keyword are actually having relevant contents about them, having said that, beware of keyword stuffing or overuse of that keyword phrase, let the content flow naturally, otherwise you might be penalized by the search engine for excessive OR inappropriate use of keywords in an article.

Search engines usually consider keyword prominence while doing website evaluation. You should put the keywords in the early parts of the content because search engines consider the code first thus, keywords placed first are dragged first by search engines.

Generating back links to the website/blog.

You can do this by finding other bloggers who are willing to put a link of your website on their blogs. Bloggers are willing to do this for an exchange of a link of their own website on your website, called ‘reciprocal linking’. As a blogger, you should practice reciprocal linking to improve your search engines.

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