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How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress

Hey, you guys my name is Robert and in this article, I’ll be showing you how to create a website using WordPress. I’ll be showing you everything that you need to know about creating your WordPress website and it’s going to be really really amazing So without much further ado, I’m going to go through exactly what we need to get started on  how to install WordPress, we’ll need four basic things So the first thing that you need is a domain name, so that is basically just your website’s address, For example, your or like and hosting is basically where your website files will be stored,

So we need those two things Now if you got those two things then you can definitely skip ahead and then I’ll show you how to install WordPress Which is completely free and WordPress is a content management system and that basically allows us to create any website any blog any e-commerce Website without learning how to code then we’ll be using a number of plugins that we add onto our website for extra functionality and it’s going to help us perform different tasks. So that is pretty much it. So we’re going to get our hosting at

So you can either click on the link or you can just type it into your browser. So, So there are several different plans that you can choose from. Personally, I like to go with the Ultra Hosting Plan, but that’s probably a little bit too much if you’re building your first website. It’s normally for people who want to create sort of multiple websites and you’re building websites for clients and things like that.

That way you can host it all under one account, the same thing with the other premium Hosting plans, you can also have unlimited websites so, you can have Like your website, your friend’s website and a few clients websites and that way you’re going to save a lot of money because it’s all hosted under one account.

But if you’re just starting out your first website, then you might go with the Economy or Standard plan which you can always upgrade later from within the client’s dashboard, so you can also check out the premium features as well. If you do want to check out those other plans All right.

So for this article, we’re going to click on the “PRO HOSTING” plan and here we’re going to register a new domain. A domain is basically just your website’s address. Sometimes you do have to be a little bit creative because it can be taken. Now if you have sort of bought your domain from Enom or Namecheap, then you want to select either the “Transfer your domain from another registrar” or “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” option.

Otherwise, you’ll then just register a new domain and you also get a free domain for the first year as well (does not apply to economy and standard plans). So for this article, I’m just going to call it maybe article All right, and hopefully that’s not taken and you just need to open and you can search for the sort of domain, country-specific Extension, just under the domain-search section.

So you might just go with .com. And then what you want to do is just click on proceed To see if that has been taken. So that’s done. So what you want to do is fill in your email address and your password as well as your client information and payment information. Once you’ve finished filling in your information, then you can click the “ADD TO CART” button and finally hit the “CHECKOUT” button and complete the order.

how to install wordpress


So normally the longer that you actually choose the bigger discount you’ll get right so you can actually choose 24 months as well and 36 months as well But the best deal that you can get is probably 12 months. Because I’ve already got a few accounts with infinity already and this is just a demo article I’m just going to select the month-to-month plan.

And also add the domain privacy. This basically will hide the information that you put up before So if you are just operating from your house and you don’t want people to see your information, because normally people can actually look up your personal name and your contact number and you might get a lot of spam and things like that So if you do want to avoid that, then you can select the domain privacy.

It’s recommended but not necessary. All right, so we’re going to scroll down to the bottom and then We can select I confirm, and if you want to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST and Please choose your preferred method of payment.

So once you’ve checked everything then we can click on “COMPLETE ORDER”, so your account has successfully been created click on proceed to the customer area. so what you need to do is just log in again with the details that you provided before and then click on next and then click on login. So this is your dashboard area.

so we’re going to our Cpanel and install WordPress. So I’m just going to do that and come back, in case you’re stagging your site in a localhost environment follow other WordPress tutorials on How to install WordPress in your localhost using xampp from our knowledgebase section  So while InfinityDomainHosting is creating your WordPress installation. You also get a few emails as well and you just need to click into it to verify the account.

All right, and that should be done. so we can go back and Your website should be created. Once WordPress has been stalled on to your domain. So what you want to do is to enter in your browser and that’s going to take you to the login panel and this is where you just need to Put in your email or the user name that you set up before.

So in this case, it’s your email and then the password that you set in before, and then we’re going to click on login All right, so generally, you can actually save it to your Chrome browser if you want to as well. So just go ahead and do that.

And what I Recommend is to just bookmark that on to your browser So that anytime that you want to log in then you’ll be just clicking on that link, so the first thing I want to show you, go to settings and click on permalinks, So you want to ensure that for your permalink settings?

You want to select a post name, So basically when you’re creating a new page or a new post, The title will be included in the sort of permalink array of URL, because I know a lot of people might be Using different web host and it might be set to custom structure or something different So you just want to make sure that is set in properly and just click on Save Changes.

Then the next thing I want to do is click on plugins Right. So if you are sort of you have different plugins installed already. What I generally recommend is to deactivate all your plugins.

So just select all and Deactivate all. Basically, plugins are sort of apps but for your website, there’s normally a plug-in for Everything that you need, for example, security if you want to backup your website if you want to add additional features. There is a plug-in. , so I’ll be showing you how to install plugins a little bit later,

So generally you don’t want too many plugins on your website Otherwise, it’s going to be slow and sometimes they might conflict with in terms of building our website, then you can click on pages and delete everything there and move it to the trash and click on apply click on the trash and select that and delete permanently and apply.

We’re going to click on the post and If there is any post then just delete it and trash it as well and that’s all good to go. So as you can see, if you’re using, then you’ll notice that your website is going to be superfast Mainly because for, they use really good LiteSpeed servers and that just makes your website load super fast and performs really good.

So before we actually install the theme and plugins, I do want to show you how to make your website secure So as you might have noticed, your site says not secure, and generally what you want for your website is to have a secure and also a lock symbol.

Otherwise, people might not trust your website and especially if you’re creating an e-commerce website because you’re going to be accepting credit cards on your website then you need to make sure that it’s secure and good to go, so you can hover over and click on dashboard and scroll to the plugin section.

So click on plugins and add new and we’re going to search and install a plugin called really simple SSL and just click on enter. Click on install and then click on activate Ok, so sometimes you might see “site not secure”  and that just basically means that for your domain you don’t have the SSL certificate installed yet.

You just need to ensure that the SSL is installed on your domain. So what you need to do is if you’re with then you can just go to your Cpanel, and click on security and click on SSL/TLS Status.

In most cases, this is automatically done But sometimes it might not be set up yet. So click on security SSL manager, so if there is no SSL installed on a domain yet. So what you are going to do is select the target domain and click RunAutoSSL.


But if you’re with another host, then you need to contact their technical support desk. Your web host should have some documentation on how to actually set that up in your cPanel area, so it’s not too hard and once you do that, then you can reload the page, and then it will work but you might need to wait for a few minutes for that to process before your SSL can engage.

All right, so. just go ahead and clear everything, for now, I think that should be done. what you want to do is to click on the login link and visit the site again and a lock symbol should be showing Right, so that is what you do if you don’t have SSL. If you’re on another web host you can also go to HTTPS enforce as well This is like another way that you can do it but we just did it this way because there’s a lot of people who are sort of following and they’re probably using different hosts.

So once that is done, you can now visit your website, everything should be all good. Let’s close everything that on top, and you can also clear things up by clicking on the screen options Right because sometimes you don’t need all that stuff.


So that’s it, folks, I hope you found the article helpful, please check our knowledgebase for more articles on How to install WordPress on your website or local machine.

Thanks and be blessed!!!!


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