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Design Template for Website

Using Design Template for Website

As a web developer, we suggest that as you eventually design and build your site, but that does not necessarily mean you can’t use a design template or prebuilt theme on your website while learning new skills or if your time is limited. It doesn’t make you a failure or anything, don’t worry. Personal sites are great because they’re just that – personal. You can do whatever you want!

You should worry about altering everything all at once after you start building your brand out, A personal site is the only site you do have to follow guidelines or work with input from other people, so you can have fun while at it. Being a web host we have vast resources in terms of domains and subdomains at our disposal. We use a number of these resources as a staging area for sites under development.

I don’t think that might be the best way for you – it is difficult to maintain multiple domains and hosting especially for new developers. But that’s what we do. There is of course the much cheaper option of creating a testing server on your local computer. You can follow this link for more insight on how to set up your localhost or testing server.

I know from experience that it really is just as important who you know as what you know, unfortunately. I’m not the most social person in the world, and networking is something I’m always having to work on forcing myself to do, but friends won’t always be there to help. Anyway, I learned a ton doing this job, and it helped me develop into a professional web designer.

We have a standard small team – one CEO who spent most of his time out schmoozing clients, a business guy, a finance guy, three project managers (one for design and one for development), two designers, and three developers. They have advanced skills in CMS, WordPress, HTML, and CSS – HTML5 and CSS3 but we still make use of design templates to speed up things.

You will at some point find them absolutely useful and time-saving, if you waste a lot of time planning everything from scratch your clients can only wait a little longer, then you could lose them as clients.

Using Design Template for Website
Today, we are fully into responsive design– the era of fixed-width and device-oriented websites is long gone. We also do information architecture. IA is the hierarchy of a website – the navigation, how people get from one place to another, how they get back, do they always know where they are, etc.

Because of these, design templates and prebuilt themes always save the day. Most core template files are already made responsive so that you can build your custom pages while spending less time doing CSS.

Elementor is one of the biggest design template firms – user experience design. It has clearly dominated the WordPress Community in the past decade and the company really gets to the heart of designers. We need to make things that not only look good but serve a purpose and help people achieve that purpose while making sure the website (or app) is enjoyable to use.

A developer needs to learn about front-end frameworks. Bootstrap and Foundation are the two big players, but there are tons of them out there. Using a framework makes it much easier and so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you start developing a new site. They give you the foundation to build your custom site on top of and include things like responsive grid systems, slideshows, typography, and navigation options – components you can pick and choose from that make your site responsive out of the box.

As a designer, you have got to also learn about Git version control. Git is a repository system where you can backup your work and reverts to older versions if something goes wrong. Repositories are also public by default, so people can download your code (or you theirs), tweak it, share it, etc. There’s a huge Git developer community, it’s pretty cool.

Also, learn some JavaScript and jQuery, both are great in writing code as much as in designing user interfaces, but also because more and more, knowing the full front-end design and development package is important for getting jobs. I think employers are usually looking for people who can do more than design in Photoshop and even write HTML and CSS.

You should be able to design some graphic elements, mostly icons but also some illustrations. And maybe sometimes take photos when you can get them from a client. Also, learn some basics about how to create WordPress themes from scratch.

So just because you used a prebuilt template doesn’t mean you can’t bring something valuable to a job. It’s a great way to lay the foundation when getting started on something new. I designed the Infinity website as it stands today. We relaunched it in early 2015. We wanted to be able to make the website better for people to use and improve its accessibility, and not wait for an indefinite amount of time while marketing worked through the rebranding. It was an interesting way to approach a project– retrofitting an existing website with modern technology instead of building it from scratch.


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