Select Your WordPress Service Needs

Keeping your website always running smoothly

WordPress Maintenance

We offer WordPress services together with plugin management, detections, and fixing various security issues like updating themes & Plugins, blocking hackers, site back-up, get rid of unused plugins, and repair of broken links to ensure your website is always running smoothly.

Uptime Monitoring

Downtime is the real enemy to SEO ranking. Most of the content on the website finally ends up in its database. For some reason, it becomes filled up eventually and this very negatively impacts the overall performance. Our experts will help monitor your website and provide you with realtime status update.

Speed Optimization

Pageload speed matters and a faster website means better conversion rates. Google too loves fast loading websites, we optimize WordPress websites to get to a decent overall performance score for better consumer experience and Google ranking purposes. A quick website will also enhance the possibilities of customers touring different pages of your website. Don’t permit your enterprise to suffer, optimize your page load speed today.

Vulnerability Checks

Your Website security is critical in keeping away hackers and bad actors from your website. We do malware Scanning to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities within WordPress. We also detect and unroot/remove malicious codes, plugins or themes from untrusted sources to prevent them from compromising the site performance. Any duplicate, outdated or faulty plugins are deleted and higher and compatible alternative endorsed.

WordPress Backups

OUR Web backup service provides you an opportunity to store your databases and files on a remote server. We will repair crashed or damaged websites in minutes. We do full, manual, or scheduled backups of all of your website files and databases, plugins, and themes. This can save you big time since restoring your documents is simple, and you could do it with minimum technical knowledge. If your database is erased or corrupted, you stand to lose the entirety in the absence of a right backup plan for your WordPress site.

WordPress Hosting Migration

Want to transfer your WordPress website to us or to another web host or server? Whatever it is, there are many reasons why you should allow us to do this on your behalf. We make certain that all files and functionalities are migrated and restored as before.

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